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Welcome to the website of VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V.
VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. is a professional real-estate brokerage office thoroughly acquainted with the Dutch housing market.

It is specialized in real estate, relocation and consultancy services for expats and offers a one-stop service from the day of arrival to the day of departure.

Is is also specialized in the Dutch housing market for buying / selling and rentals.

VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. has contacts with prestigious housing agencies, brokers, real-estate companies and project developers all around the world.

We provide consulting and brokerage services for rental, sales, or purchase of property, to both local and foreign businesses. We also operate and manage real estate and other assets, offer relocation, consulting services, management related activities both locally and internationally.

VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. distinguishes itself from other brokers through a truly personal service and a varied supply, which is possible through our cooperation with numerous housing agencies and brokers.

**Why we do what we do: We believe that what we do can make a difference for the benefit of our clients Locals or Expats from all over the World.

Our values: Integrity, expertise, service, personal attention, listening, fast, commitment & Passion come first**

All services provided by VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. are governed by our general conditions, which have been filed with the chamber of commerce in Haarlem on November the 10th 2003, under number: DS 34150256.

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