General Terms VRC

The following general terms apply to services provided by VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V.

Article 1. Definitions
In the scope of this document, the following expressions are to be understood as follows:
1.1 VRC: The private limited company with limited liability (besloten vennootschap,) VRC – VETH REALTY & CONSULTANCY B.V., with its registered office in Haarlem the Netherlands, under trade registry number 34150256.
1.2 Principal: Any natural person or legal entity who has commissioned VRC to act as mediator in renting, renting out, buying, selling, developing and managing real estate and other personal property and assets, or to provide consulting services or management activities.
Article 2. Applicability of these terms
2.1 By submitting an application to VRC, the principal agrees without reservations to the general terms at issue.
Article 3. Communication, Dates
3.1 Principal may communicate with VRC in writing, including through fax or e-mail, or by telephone.
3.2 If any document makes reference to a date by which VRC should receive some form of notice, said date will be understood as being said date in Amsterdam, and said notice should be received by VRC no later than 5 p.m. Amsterdam time.
Article 4. Licenses and permits
4.1 If Principal requires any licenses or permits from 3rd party or other authorities in order to comply with the legal transactions involved in the assignment (of renting out or selling property, etc.), it is Principal’s responsibility to have such licenses or permits in order. Principal will hence be liable for any damages resulting from the lack of necessary licenses or permits.
4.2 If desired, licenses or permits referred to in subsection 4.1 have to be submitted to VRC in writing.
Article 5. VRC’s limited liability
5.1 If damages arise from an assignment accepted or executed by VRC, or any other related agreements, VRC will only be held liable for damages up to a maximum equal to the sum Principal was charged by VRC for the execution of the assignment in question. This limitation will not apply in cases where malice or intentional negligence by VRC leads to the damages
5.2 VRC cannot be held liable for non-performance or part performance before, during or after the leasing term, this is a matter between tenant and the landlord. Nor assume any liability for the consequences of the applicability of the legal provisions to an agreement. VRC will draw up at one’s disposal a standard model “rental agreement” for his clients, but will not accept liability.
5.3 Lessor is aware that if the Rent Tribunal determents the rental price to be lower than the negotiated price, lessee can reclaim rental adjustment, which could contain that the already received rent, will partial have to be restituted by lessor. VRC will not assume any liability as to that.
Article 6. Term of payment
6.1 Principal should pay bills submitted by VRC within 14 days of the invoice date. Any sum in arrears will be incremented with 1% in interest each month, dating from the invoice date.
6.2 Should VRC see necessary either to take legal action, or to secure collection by some other means, Principal will be liable for the expenses involved, which are agreed on to equal 10% of the sum to be collected.
Article 7. Applicable law
7.1 Matters involving the business relationship between VRC and Principal will be ruled according to Dutch law.
Article 8. Jurisdiction
8.1 Only the competent court in Haarlem is entitled to be informed of any disputes between VRC and its customers. VRC is nevertheless entitled to cite an opposite party to any legally competent court.
Article 9. Amendment and registration of terms
9.1 These general terms may at any time be amended by VRC. Amendments will come into effect as soon as they are filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Haarlem.

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