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Conditions VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. for Renter

  1. REGISTRATION IS FREE & No Cure, No Pay.
  2. Commission is based on the rental price exclusive  21% V.A.T.
  3. The mediation agreement between assignor and VRC-Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. will go through after signing the mediation conditions which are included in the registration form Rental Search.
  4. Before a agreement will take place, the assignor is obliged to fill in the form Rental Search complete and truthfully.
  5. It’s not allowed to rent an accommodation out of the VRC portfolio directly from the owner /lessor when VRC is already in contact with the owner/lessor.
  6.  If the mediation is successful, VRC – Veth Realty & consultancy B.V. needs the following papers:
    • – Copy of passport,
    • – Financial statement (or pay slip),
    • – If rented by your company, a copy of registration of the Chamber of Commerce,
    • – Company statement; if your company is paying the rent.

Commission VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V.

  • If the mediation is completed successfully, VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. will bill the assignor a fee equal to once 100% of the monthly rent agreed upon, excluding the 21% Value Added Tax (V.A.T.), in Dutch called B.T.W. If the monthly rental fee includes any of the following: a service fee, utility expenses, cable, etc., these will be included when calculating the fee.

VRC’s limited liability

  • VRC-Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. – hereinafter also referred to as VRC – limits any liability arising from assignments accepted or carried out by it, as well as those arising from any other related agreement, to the amount invoiced by VRC to the client with regard to the assignment in question. This limitation shall not apply in case of wilful injury or intentional recklessness on the part of VRC- Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V.
  • VRC cannot be held liable by any means for total or partial breaches of contract before, during or after the term of lease, as this is exclusively a matter between the tenant and the landlord.
    VRC will not assume any liability for the resulting lease agreement between lessor and lessee or any consequences of said agreement, nor with regard to the applicability of any legal provisions to the agreement. If requested to do so, VRC will offer its clients a standard lease agreement, inventory list and inspection report without thereby assuming any liability.
  • The rental agreements are concluded on a temporary basis. Permanent occupation is not allowed. All leases are temporary, and the landlord/lessor has the right to resume occupation of his/her apartment at the end of the term of lease.
  • Should any licenses or permits from third parties or other authorities be required of Lessee in order to comply with the legal transactions involved in the assignment (of renting or buying property, etc.), it is Lessee’s responsibility to have such licenses or permits. Lessee will hence be liable for any damages resulting from the lack of necessary licenses or permits. If required, licenses or permits have to be submitted to VRC in writing.
  • VRC does not allow sublease.
  • Should client fail to comply with payment of the mediation costs, any ensuing legal or non-legal expenses shall be borne by the client
  • Any agreements concluded between the client and VRC, whether in writing or oral, shall be binding. Should client cancel the agreement, he will be charged the one-off cancellation costs of one month rent, excl. VAT.

Rental Conditions first month

Payments for the first month are calculated as follow:

  • One month rent
  • 1-2 months deposit; this amount of money will be returned by the owner/lessor at the end of the rental agreement (cash deposit or bank guarantee)
  • Commission; for the mediation services by VRC 1 month rent excl. 21% VAT If the monthly rental fee includes any of the following: a service fee, utility expenses, cable, etc., these will be included when calculating the fee.
  • VAT 21% Value Added Tax on commission (= BTW in Dutch)
  • The rental agreement will first enter into force after it has been signed by parties and the complete initial payments, deposit, first month’s rent and commission, have been paid.
  • Only after receiving the total amount, VRC will hand over the keys.

Copyright VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V., Netherlands.


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