Conditions selling assignment

Conditions VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy BV (Hereafter VRC)

1. Registration is free
2. The fee of VRC is based on the original asking price set by the seller and VRC established written asking price and not on the basis of the final purchase price.
3. It is not allowed to buy an object from the portfolio of VRC directly from the seller if VRC already is in contact with the vendors.
4. The mediation agreement between the seller / client and VRC is established after the agreement for mediation conditions contained in the registration form Selling assignment is signed.
5. Before an agreement is established, the seller / client obliged to fill in the Selling assignment form completely and truthfully.

Fees VRC
If the mediation is successful then the seller / client will be billed by VRC a fee amounting to 1.75% of the purchase price, excluding 21% VAT. For the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba a fee of 4% of the purchase price plus 6% tax will be billed

Buy and Sell

• Seller considers itself entitled to hear of multiple bids. If there is more or less simultaneously by several candidates being offered, the seller is entitled (through VRC) with one of them to close a sale, this means that the potential buyers / clients is advisable in such cases directly as an attractive potential bid to do in terms of price and conditions.
• If a negotiated agreement, the provisional deed will be drawn up by the notary. It usually includes: a bank guarantee of 10% of the final purchase price (fees apply) or a deposit. Where expressly released in writing tender, can be included in the deed subject to such Mortgage or to obtain national funding. In homes older than 25 years, VRC takes the following standard clause in antiquity:
Buyer / client declares that he is aware that if the house is more than 25 years, which means that the requirements that may be significant to the build quality may be lower than for new dwellings.
Seller is not responsible for the floors, roof, walls, foundation, facilities, pipelines, sewers and the presence of rising damp, unless the seller has guaranteed its quality.
• If during the visit (possible) presence of asbestos is reported, then the following asbestos clause contained:
There may be asbestos materials present in the property. On the basis of environmental legislation in any removal of asbestos materials special arrangements will be made. The buyer / customer understand and acknowledge that the house is built in a period when asbestos was used in various building components, and shall indemnify the seller from liability that may arise from the possible presence of asbestos found.
• If there are easements or perpetual clauses on the object to rest, it will go to the buyer / client and are included in the contract, as literally in the deed is recorded.
• Although accuracy is exercised in respect of the contents of this information, VRC can’t accept responsibility for the inaccuracy of the data contained herein.
• Duty Investigation: The seller / client has its own duty to investigate all matters in this party that may be of interest.

VRC’s limited liability

• VRC limits its liability arising from its accepted or executed contract or other commitment related to the amount VRC in respect of that commission to the seller / client is declared. This limitation does not apply in cases of intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of VRC.
• VRC accepts no liability for the between seller / buyer client and realized sale / purchase agreement and the resulting consequences, nor for the applicability of statutory provisions in that agreement.
• If the seller / client required any permits, or third party or the legal authorities to transactions relating to the selling order, it is the responsibility of the seller / client in order to have such permits. The seller / client will therefore be liable for any damage whatsoever from the lack of the necessary permit or permits may arise. If VRC wishes, the license or licenses should be submitted by VRC in writing.


CopyrightVRC- Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V., Netherlands.

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