Business space & services for Asian companies

VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. is a professional real-estate brokerage office, thoroughly acquainted with the Dutch commercial property and housing market. We are specialized in real-estate, relocation and consulting services to Foreign Businesses and Expatriates.

Especially for Asian businesses(e.g. China, India, South East Asian countries, etc.) we set up an establishment in The Netherlands, providing services and assistance when operating in The Netherlands.

VRC- Veth realty provides consulting and brokerage services for rental, sales, or purchase of commercial property. We also operate and manage real estate and other assets, offer relocation, consulting services, assistance in legal matters, management related activities both locally and internationally.

General information about setting up businesses in The Netherlands:

Due to the current Economic situation in the Euro zone, prices for renting and the sale of commercial property have fallen dramatically in The Netherlands. Compared to the prices of commercial property a few years ago, some prices have fallen with more than 70 %. As a result a relatively high amount of commercial spaces are available for rent or sale. This brings an unprecedented and great opportunity for local and foreign businesses who are looking for commercial spaces in the best economic areas in The Netherlands.

The Netherlands is still one of the best countries in Europe to establish businesses. This is mainly because of its strategic location, pro-business government, tax laws and labor force which makes it easier to launch or expand commercial operations in Europe.

Especially the tax system in The Netherlands makes it very attractive for foreign companies to register their company here. This combined with the transparent regulations regarding businesses and the very good infrastructure concentrated around and nearby Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam.

The Netherlands is one of the most important hubs between Europe and the rest of the world and therefore the ideal place to set up businesses. Because of these great advantages some of the World’s biggest companies have their official headquarters registered in The Netherlands.


VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. will provide guidance to a foreign business from the moment the request is made, until the rental contract is signed.

VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. takes care of:

  • Search Assignments
  • Commercial space Hunts
  • Drafting or Screening of Rental Contracts
  • Check-ins / Check-outs

Lessees, companies, who are looking for a commercial space can request our services by filling the requisition form/search assignment.

Rental Search Form

Rental Listings

Purchase and sale

The mediation goes into effect when VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. receives the assignment, signed by the assignor. VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. works with various prestigious real-estate brokers, real-estate entrepreneurs, and project developers.


After receiving your requisition form for a buying assignment, VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. will start searching for a suitable commercial space.

  • Start search assignment
  • Arrange visits to commercial spaces
  • Offer advice on technical matters and matters regarding structural engineering
  • Perform clerical tasks
  • Guide the client up to and including the property transfer at the notary office.

If you choose to involve VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. in the purchase, you will be billed for brokerage expenses after the purchase is completed. These are computed as proximally 1,75% of the purchase price, excl. 21% V.A.T.

Buying assignment form


After receiving the requisition form for a selling assignment, VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. starts the search for a suitable buyer, and takes care of:

  • Offering the house or commercial space to the market
  • Arranging visits to houses
  • Handling affairs with the municipality and cadastral authorities
  • Performing clerical tasks
  • Drafting the sales contract
  • Guiding the client up to and including the property transfer by the notary

If you choose to involve VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. in your sale, you will be billed for brokerage expenses after the sale is completed. These are computed as proximally 1,75%, excl. 21% V.A.T., of the sale price.
VRC – Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V. will not assume any liability for the consequences of the applicability of the legal provisions to an agreement.

Selling assignment form

Real estate management

We can also manage the real estate. We take care of rent management as well as all maintenance. Many different forms of real-estate management are possible. For example:

  • Rent management (keeping track of rental contracts and rent paid)
  • Check-ins and check-outs
  • Semiannual inspection of the property
  • Central heating & heating system maintenance
  • Communication services (connection and maintenance)
  • Yard maintenance
  • Cleaning



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